The Babadook

Written and Directed by: Jennifer Kent
It started out Amelia was dreaming of a car accident that has killed her husband 6 years ago, but of course you will not know until it gets 20 to 30 minutes of the story, but you will notice at the beginning she is not that loving kind of mother to her 6 year old son, she looks bored and distant which is not normal for a single parent. Samuel her son is seriously making weapons, dangerous weapon as his toy to play with, and loves to play as a magician. I don’t find it as a Horror film, because it doesn’t terrify me at all, No, Babadook did not terrify me, nor scare the shit out of me, despite of his sinister facade, what makes me stay focus on this movie is how the book landed in his son’s shelves, and what it is he wants from them? only to find out that Babadook is the monster she created with her grief by losing her husband from the accident while she is in labor with her son Samuel.

As the movie progress Amelia deteriorates even more, losing her mind because she is having a hard time sleeping because her son seems to be suffering from insomnia because he keeps on seeing Babadook and blaming the dook dook of his violent behavior, while she is losing control of her grief plaguing her mind imagining things and making it look like it is real, we can all blame it to the evil pop up book The Babadook but that Book only represent what’s in her mind, her son always tells her “I want to protect you”, I will protect you”,” I don’t want you to die”, and that Babadook is real it becomes real because she let it in.

The writer has focused more on the details of the story, she find it impossible to love her son because she blames him with her husband’s death, she wanted her back, she even imagined her husband being alive in the basement only to ask her to give him the boy in exchange to her happiness to come back to life, and that gave the twist of the story, she may feel distant to her son but she is not out of her mind at all to do it, not just yet. whats more engaging about this movie is, it is more of smart psychological thriller making you ask more questions about the ability of ones mind to cope with the depression one person is experiencing in his/her life, and how to overcome the grief and loss.


Black Swan

American psychological horror-thriller film by Darren Aronofsky

A story about a dancer who wanted to play the role of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, The dancer will play two roles one for the white swan and the other for the black. Nina who was the protagonist of the story struggled to fight for the role she dreams to play for a long time, now given a chance to portray it, she even struggled more, with the demon inside her cannot be revealed with her ever controlling mother who only wanted her to be pure, innocent and sweet.

The film basically depicts how a person can be her own enemy at the same time, as she fights to achieve what she ever dreamed for a long time she will have to win the battle between herself and her own demons. As true in real life  the only person standing in your way is yourself, the message of the story clearly shows even from the beginning, she was dancing as a swan queen but that is only in her dreams, the plot only revolves how she will be able to portray a role of  a blackswan if she hides like a coward in her own little world. So the battle gets more harder if the only enemy you are dealing with is you.


Mary and Max

Stop motion animated comedy-drama film, written and directed by Adam Elliot

A remarkably long distance relationship about friendship and forgiveness.

An 8 year old girl named Mary who lives in Mount Waverly Australia sent a letter to an address she randomly got in a telephone directory to make friends with someone in the united states to ask if babies in america came in a cola can? because babies in Australia came in glass of beer as what her grandpa always tells her; but it is no coincidence the mail was delivered to a 44 year old obese Jewish guy who lived alone in an apartment in New York City with a cat named hal, bird named biscuit a fish named henry, they both have something in common, both of them likes to eat chocolates,  and their favorite cartoons is noblets, and both of them has no friends.

It’s just crazy how amazing this story is, it depicts how communication can make and break a friendship all at the same time, but forgiveness can always put a hold in a strong friendship. This is what the story is all about, trusting and and understanding there is no perfect human in this world and anyone can make mistakes, but there is always a room to forgive as long as you valued your friendship so much, forgiveness can conquer all.

The Revenant


I’m pretty sure this isn’t a dramatic movie, though Hugh Glass will to survive is motivated by revenge, all I have seen in this movie is his full spirit and determination to live to kill the person who betrayed him during his suffering. I’m sure Leonardo Di Caprio has given superb justice to his role and that puts him on the nomination in the academy and won him Oscars without him talking that much just full emotions on his face, from trying not to get caught by natives who will surely kill him, trying to survive from hypothermia, and starvation, he also have to deal with immense anger and grief he is feeling for losing his son. I think all roles have been well executed by the actors, especially the role of the antagonist that was played by many actors on the film, the story of Mr Hugh Glass is very compelling, and it has depicted so much poignancy as the story progresses.

The boy in the striped pajamas

boy in the striped pajamas

Holocaust film will sure give you hate with Nazis and will absolutely make you cry, but this one is different, though it will not change how  cruel World War II was with the Jews, but sure this film will give you hope somehow,  hope to hang on to something that is next to impossible. pure innocence of two boys that lives totally opposite with each other, but bonds them together with friendship. the film is very engaging, but of course you will hope for the better, the only problem with this film, is like it is begging for me to cry in the end, since the film is melodramatic you expect tears from the audiences,but how will you expect an 8 year old boy will be able to get away from purely innocent decision he made? well yes he isn’t Kevin in home alone that can get away from two bandits and was able to outsmart them, so you expect something will not go well in this movie, hope will surely die as the film ends.


I’ll post late reviews.. so what? The Wolf Of WALL STREET

I like it when Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio work together, you will know how crazy the outcome will be; Regarding the movie itself, base on real life story of Jordan Belfort the Mr. Fraud Guy,stock broker of wall street and became CEO , owned a company and became extremely fucking rich all I can say is; It was a good movie for adult, really, the entire script has nothing but the word “fuck” and literally fucking is part of the movie, I never thought fucking in the office will be that legal, fucking hours is same as lunch, drugs is everywhere, same as smoking a cigarette, so expect the entire movie to be about MONEY, ALCOHOL,SEX,DRUGS, and MADNESS! so if you are not really like movies with so much of this I don’t think you will ever gonna enjoy it! it was good, I can give 3 stars for that! 😀😀 not genius for me but it was okay so for me to be completely motivated to be rich I need to do the fucking, and drugs while working!! sure is really motivating ah! 

My quest to find a better movie came Grand Budapest Hotel. 

Not only this movie is star studded, its humor is unforgettable, a hotel painted pink on its facade gave me a cake impression, in a fictional place located on a mountain in europe, and a funny playing musical score that reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox these has provided me enough reason to satisfy my curiosity about this movie, from a narrating author who is being disturbed by his grandson while he is telling his story about the hotel he visited back in his early years played by Tom Wilkinson referred only as the author and Jude law being the young writer. Then came Mr. Moustafa who owns the hotel told his story about him being the junior lobby boy before he owns the hotel, Mr. Gustave as the legendary concierge played by Ralph Fiennes and his fiancee Agatha. As the movie progress incredibly brilliant actors emerged on the film providing their share of acting in the storyline; although most of them showed up really quickly in the film they have contributed large amount of humor and sense in the movie. It was an excellent film, no wonder it has gained good reviews from the critic giving a score of 92% in rotten tomatoes. The story provides us the adventures of Mr. Gustave and his junior lobby boy zero who became his trusted friend.