Bio: I spend more time daydreaming than sleeping. I am nicotine addict and hoping to quit once I have lung cancer. I am 96% sober and 4% drunk. I love cooking but I hate chopping, especially onions, please… I love writing, it is my passion, but writing doesn’t have passion with me. I hate crowded places it triggers my migraine. I am photo-phobic, direct light triggers my migraine too. I love the taste of caffeine, not hot coffee please it hurts my tongue; I want it warm with three tsp. of sugar.  I hate non-sense talk; it’s a waste of time. I adore fancy restaurants. I don’t watch TV series anymore, but I like watching forensic shits and serial killer documentaries it made me more paranoid than ever. lol I love reading books, novels, history, mythology, psychological books, and philosophical books. I love listening to music genre like jazz, acid jazz, funk, soul, classic jazz, blues, ska, reggae, some alternative rock, some classic ballads, some shits. 😛 They find me sarcastic but I’m only telling the truth. and one last thing coffee and cigarette triggers my migraine too and so what I'm addicted to it.:P 😛

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