When the answer is NO

Nobody wants to be rejected, but every single human being on this planet will experience rejection once or multiple times in their life, may it be getting a promotion, rejection of offered friendship, or just by simply getting hired to a job because they don’t like how you answered the questions in the interview, but whatever kind of rejection a person would experience it’s still mentally and emotionally torturing, like a hangover after a night of drinking tequila and brandy, there is a pain in your gut you want to throw up all day and feel sorry for being pushed away.

Sometimes a minor rejection can be hurting and insulting too, like being ignored or worse blocked by a friend in a chat that you have no idea what happened it just happened your message cannot be delivered, torturing yourself thinking what have you done wrong to be treated like an outcast, but whatever reasons would that be will not help you feel better, that will not change the fact, that person was a complete idiot in dealing with shits in their life to offend someone’s feelings is the only goal to complete the life cycle of human ignorance.  

Rejection can be painful to deal with, nobody wants to feel that way, so you try your best to be better, to fit in the standards of society with collective opinions who will only misjudge and misuse your efforts till you get drained and useless in the end, to the point where you question yourself what have I done wrong to be treated this way? maybe I’m not good enough, or maybe I’m no good to live with their social norms.

Can we avoid being rejected?

Avoiding circumstances of rejection is possible if let say you refused to apply for a promotion or apply for a job because you are afraid you won’t be selected, or you avoid to tell that person how much he/she means to you because you’re afraid you’ll be turned down, you can also avoid making a decision to a very critical situation by just simply shutting your mouth and let others give their opinions and influence the decision making to complete an action plan because you’re afraid that your opinions will be laughed at; but avoiding circumstances of being rejected won’t do a person any better because one way or the other you’ll be haunted with regrets that what if you tried it might make a big difference, regrets is much scarier than accepting defeat of rejection, we can try to avoid possibilities of rejection I agree; may this be just a minor one, rejection is common in our society, all of us will experience it and all of us are guilty at some point, don’t deny it we do it one way or the other to others; but when the wheel turns and it is our time to be rejected we face it like it’s the end of the world. 

Respect yourself after rejection

All types of rejection hurt and insulting, regardless of what, once a person has been pushed back it will sting a bit or it will affect your mood for the entire day thinking what have you done wrong, it is possible things like that happen because you did something wrong to be pushed back, but once a lesson is learned, try not to make the same mistake again please try not to. 

Rejection is part of our daily lives, I have learned that no matter what I do some people will not approve of my opinion, and no matter how well I show people how good I am with what I’m doing, they will always think I’m not good enough base on their standards, to prove myself is basically still trying to get their approval to like me, I need to respect myself after rejection cause their approval after begging will do me more harm than good. 

We have to accept that life may be difficult sometimes but nothing is permanent in this world, the pain of rejection that causes a person to be paralyzed can be devastating to handle but that should be manageable, we can focus our energy on other beautiful things in life, there are so many things we can be grateful for and we might miss it, instead of being bitter and sad just because someone doesn’t like you, remember some of them are just ignorant, idiot or some was just trying to prove they have standards, always remember like attracts like, mediocrity attracts the same so if you think you aren’t good enough to be accepted than they are missing the point. 

©Eessangj 03/27/21

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