Why things don’t happen according to plan?

Photo by Hope House Press – Leather Diary Studio on Unsplash

There are many situations in life we’ll meet failures, plans been made for years and turned out to be the exact opposite of what we want to happen, whatever it is in other words it’s not the way you planned from the beginning.

It happens to me, it made me really upset and felt like there is nothing I can do, I sometimes feel helpless and useless, the lesser I feel motivated, the less resolution I can think of, by the way it didn’t help, so since the universe is against my plan I was able to find a way to look at things in a different perspectives, maybe it is not really against me after all maybe it is only teaching me a lesson in a hard way.

When I was kid I think big of my future, if you have big dreams it means you really have ambitions, if you have ambition you will do good and strive hard to get it. Guess I thought life after college was easy, I realized, it wasn’t, after I finished my studies and got my degree I felt I was thrown in the ocean without any life jacket, without a boat, the only thing I have is the ability to swim, (yeah swim away till you get to your island of dreams). You know how hard it is, if you aren’t a good swimmer most probably you’ll drown, well I’m not a good swimmer, at least at first until I learn to float without struggling too hard with the current.

I have avoided conflicts in life, not to be eaten by shark or be swallowed by a whale, sometimes you can’t help to compare your situation to others, (“how come that bastard was able to get to that island with less effort than I do”), only to realize they have speedboat and I don’t have…. 😛 😛 (that sucks believe me), number one rule never compare yourself to others; maybe the universe has different plans for you, it is for you to figure it out.
We have to accept that there are things we can’t control, but at least we have something we can, that is ourselves, our thoughts and emotions towards the fact.

Don’t force things to happen, it might get worse, you might not achieve true happiness if you do, when life doesn’t go according to plan maybe because it is not yet time for you to have it, not meant for you to take or because you are in a wrong direction in achieving it.

Whatever it is learn to make adjustments in life, and appreciate the things that are already in-front of you, open your eyes to a possibility, you can’t stay with plan A forever, you must learn that there is always plan B and a plan C.

Regardless of how many plans it takes you to fulfill a dream as long you are not losing hope that should continue your life the way it should.
You might be well equipped in achieving your goals in life, But no matter how well you navigate your fate, if the wind is not letting you go in that direction then you must learn to submit, freewill is granted so that we can decide for ourselves, but your choices also depends on the option the universe is offering you, so that you will be in the right track… sometimes we pursue too hard to a dream that will only make us feel empty and bitter in the end.

Fear of not being able to get what we want is a cause that holds a person from moving to a right direction, we entertain pressure of society because we think people’s approval always matters the most, we worry a lot and think we are not good enough in meeting someone else’s expectations, all these are the obvious reasons why our mind is clouded and are unable to get the happiness that we are looking for, if we cannot find peace within ourselves, then happiness might be impossible to achieve, as you know peace is within you and me, it cannot be attain with all these outside blah that only your eyes can see.
When things seem not happening according to plan, you better check what is impeding the path, is it the wind that is making you shift in a different course, or fears that is haunting you to even grasp your future.

The bottom line here is we all make plans for our future reality to be happy, but plans are just plan, if you can make one, then you can make another or more than that, being successful requires you to have better plan, willingness to change perspectives, determination to act on that plan to make it real, but you must learn how to submit and let it guide you to a life that you deserve.

© Eessangj February 17, 2021

Featured Image Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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