Rosemary’s Baby 1968

Directed By: Roman Polanski

Genre: Psychological Horror Film

Starring: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon.

One of the horrifying Movies ever made, it was intriguing, slow burning, and yet fantastic in its narrative, on this film, we watch Rosemary tries to make her new apartment a home for her and husband Guy, it was a large apartment in a Gothic building New York, and judging by her Husband’s career an apartment like that is something they can’t afford for a long time, but despite of financial instability Guy agrees and they moved-in.

What are the conflicts in the story

Its narrative shows that they have a sinister neighbor who had Rosemary raped by a demon to bear Satan’s child with the help of his ambitious husband Guy in exchange to his good future career as an actor, while being watched with naked old people, well none of it where proven real, and most of it could be or probably Rosemary’s dream, hallucination or paranoia combined but what it represent in its narrative? Basically, elements like this in a Movie clearly symbolizes demonic practices, soul sacrificial and brainwashing.

Rosemary is a child-like married woman who struggles to make everything normal for her and Guy, a protagonist like this so naive and weak in appearance, is a good prey to be bullied and push around, she lives in a large apartment where all actions she does are being watched, sorrounded by controlling and meddle-some adults, a self-absorbed husband, a doctor whose medical practice are absurd, and her only trusting friend dies suddenly after he discovers Rosemary’s neighbors are witches, so we have Rosemary by herself, against all these shit!

What are they trying to achieve?

These people only wants Rosemary’s body to conceive Satan’s baby, the motive was not clearly stated, although it was obvious that these people are Satan’s follower, so they needed a woman’s body to sacrifice and it was Rosemary with the help of Guy, in Roman Polanski’s interview he said there are nothing supernatural about the Movie, well, yes because in the duration of the film we only witness the beginning of her pregnancy, how she becomes pregnant, and how she handles the pregnancy for the whole 9 months, while being controlled with people that are manipulating her mentally, physically and emotionally.

Normal looking people with evil intentions

The true horror in this film doesn’t mean supernatural, it doesn’t have to be, you only need to be heavily pregnant and weak, be with unsupportive husband who will sell you for his ambition, live with a neighborhood who conspires with witchcraft, but look perfectly normal on the outside at least in Rosemary’s perspective.

Minnie her nosy senior neighbor

What’s happening with her might or could be her self-made hell of paranoia, and if not, then she must’ve place herself in deep trouble the moment she insists living in that apartment, but what happened to her baby’s eyes? That remains a mystery, and Polanski has no intention in showcasing that moment to his audience, though he gave us a hint it was indeed a devil’s child, he chose not to show Rosemary’s baby.

Although we watch and follow her crack and know the truth about all these mysteries going on, we hope that everything will turn out fine for her, despite of her efforts but no one else to turn, she fails to escape from the madness, but since she can’t beat them, she chose to join them.

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