Coraline 2009

Coraline 2009

Directed By: Henry Selick

Genre: 3D Stop-motion animated dark fantasy comedy horror film

Coraline and her parents moved-in to an old apartment called Pink Palace in Ashland Oregon, while her parents are always busy writing a catalog about gardening they don’t have much time for her, so she explores the place outside hoping to find an old well, until she meets a black cat and a boy her age called Wybie Lovat short for Why Born that’s his real name Grandson of Mrs. Lovat the landlady of the Pink Palace.

She then receives a doll from Wybie that looks exactly like her, with a yellow coat and blue hair but buttons for eyes same day she discovers a small door that leads to nothing but a wall, that night a rat lures her downstairs and leads her to the small door but this time when she opens it lead to something so imaginary, it is a tunnel like pathway going to the direction of another small door leading her to a house exactly like their house only it has a different tone and ambiance, it’s a complete opposite of their house, the boy on the painting is no longer sad, the house is clean and she smells food being cooked in the kitchen, she saw her mom doing the cooking but when she turns it wasn’t her mom at all, it looks like her but her eyes are made of buttons introduced herself as the other mother.

Our central character is a bit bored and seems to be neglected by her parents all she wanted was an attention, friends that she can talk with and a good food. The movies theme simply focuses on be careful of what you wish for cause you might get it all.

I don’t see the negativity of that in Coraline’s case I understand why she needs it, she is a growing kid and simply wants to have fun and explore new things in life, discovering that door that leads to a place which is a complete opposite of where she is at, offers a life that she longs for, her parents attention, Wybie that never talks, good food and clothes she likes.

As the movie focuses on whats in store for her in that magical place the plot advances and so our central character’s development. In the beginning of the film it has been established already that our protagonists is not an ordinary girl, she is brave and smart, it can easily predicted that Coraline can make better judgment in the world which the other mother has offered her.

The colorful world of the other side offers a life Coraline would entice her, the Beldam knows exactly what’s missing in her life she is bored and neglected, the fantasy world gives everything that she needs.

The creepiness of the story evokes when it has been revealed that the other mother will take her soul eventually ones she agrees to have her eyes removed and replaced with buttons in exchange, if she wants to stay with her forever which of course our protagonist did not want, she realized in the latter part of the movie that she may not have a perfect life but at least her Mother is not Evil.

I’m a big fan of stop-motion animation, and one of the best films I’ve watched using this technology is this Movie Coraline which is based on Neil Gaiman’s 2002 Novel of the same name. They were able to materialized the creepiness of the story by making the ambiance really dark, lonely but lovely to the eyes.

What’s more interesting about the movie is that the protagonist has all the control in what’s happening to herself, from meeting all her neighbors to entering into that parallel world. Coraline somehow knows there is something not quite right about that world but because of her curiosity she is enticed to go back to discover what’s in store for her.

The eyes are the windows of our soul, sewing buttons in the eyes will simply restricts us from seeing, making her trapped in a world which she could have ended if she did not make a wise decision, she may have place herself in this predicament but at least somehow she learns from it and was able to free herself before it was even too late.

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