The chain that binds our feet in our past

In life we experience to fail others by our wrong actions, but sometimes they are the ones who offend us, and for some reasons we also fail to forgive them. But why people choose to let go of the hurt and choose not to forgive.

Sin cannot be measured by its weight, or anything you can think of, regardless if it’s just a word or rumor you spread, violent act of murder, petty larceny, or what some people referred as white lies, all untowardness is a sin, any act that could or would harm someone is indeed a sin. But it doesn’t mean the offender doesn’t deserve to have a second chance or forgiveness, we have this conception of untowardness to others when it is great offense they can never be forgiven, and because you only did small offense it is justifiable and you are right.

Pride, according to the American Heritage Dictionary is a proper and justified self respect, a conceit of arrogance. In other words, it is an indulgence of self importance in which all of us gained and developed since we reached the state of our consciousness; pride may help us somehow in dealing with life’s battle, but on the other hand it will also cause us to fall from where we thought we stood, pride is a symbol of failing to accept and being humble, pride is a sign of arrogance and hatred, an angel fell from heaven because of pride, in other words it is in itself a sin.

When we struggle so much in life we tend to harden our hearts as a defense to protect our grounds, we build walls around it, put guards to prevent future attacks from anyone, we have this notion that these walls would keep us from being hurt again, but we are all human, whether we like it or not we will struggle, we will be hurt by circumstances, others opinion, decisions, or actions it is normal, we cannot prevent things from happening, what matters is how we respond to the situations we face every day. We can have an unforgiving heart or we can open our hearts for forgiveness.

What happens in the past will remain in the past, whether we forgive or not, but if you want to stay in the past is also a decision you make, what keeps us from moving are the chain that binds our feet from starting a new life; hate, bitterness and revengeful mind will not make us a better person, it will only cause us more to suffer, and hurt more while we breathe, it is like cutting your source of life. It isn’t easy to forgive; I know that, it isn’t easy to allow the person who offended you to be given a chance, but we are all sinners, how can we not forgive, we also need forgiveness. When you hate, you only allow yourself to be a slave in your past mistakes, and the mistake of others.

Using pride as a shield is not bravery in fact, it is cowardness; remember offending is easier than forgiving, because forgiving requires great strength and understanding, forgiveness is not an agreement of their wrong actions towards you, although it needs a lot of effort to do so, this must be done and understand. Forgiveness is not a weakness because it requires great strength. We are all sinners in this world and all of us needs forgiveness from God, we are not innocent people who knew nothing but pride, we all know if we won’t forgive we can’t receive forgiveness from him.

Let us not treat pride as if it’s a friend that we can depend in times of trouble like this. We don’t need to rationalize everything just to make a point in not forgiving. We are all human beings raised in one particular place capable of offending and capable of being offended, in other words capable of sin. But being real human is not to keep ourselves drown with bitterness, If we can make ourselves fall, we can also make ourselves rise from that fall

Pride will push us down, and if we let it manifest in our system we might not rise at all. If we keep on reasoning and questioning; then no one will ever be forgiven.

Remember vengeance is in God’s hands not ours.

True forgiveness is humility and acceptance, erasing the past behind us and move on to the next phase of your life. Accept what has happened and find reason to heal and learn from the mistake of others and yours.

 “You can’t correct someone’s mistake by getting even or settling scores with them. But at least you can choose the right or justifiable response to their wrong doings towards you and that defines you as a person.

We all encounter different kinds of transgressions if we are not the sinner; we are the victim of their sin. Remember that life is a journey and this world is our road to perdition. We should be aware of that; and the only way for us to redirect that road to the higher ground is first we must ask forgiveness from God for our sins, and we should learn to forgive those who sin against us.

As what I said Sin cannot be measured by how it was done; we should note that all unrighteousness is a transgression; anyone who does what is wrong is an offense. Men are prone to classify sin as little or great, whether it is black or gray, mortal or venial. To God, all sin is offensive and objectionable.

Forgiveness is immeasurable, just like sin, but it can conquer all of our wrong doings; it is indeed justice, it is light as a feather but it is so powerful that any faults can be defeated. It is grace of God, it is humbling and strength, it is God’s gift, it is written, and it is priceless.

Therefore he who knows what is right will do right and the right thing to do is to forgive


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