I’ll post late reviews.. so what? The Wolf Of WALL STREET

I like it when Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio work together, you will know how crazy the outcome will be; Regarding the movie itself, base on real life story of Jordan Belfort the Mr. Fraud Guy,stock broker of wall street and became CEO , owned a company and became extremely fucking rich all I can say is; It was a good movie for adult, really, the entire script has nothing but the word “fuck” and literally fucking is part of the movie, I never thought fucking in the office will be that legal, fucking hours is same as lunch, drugs is everywhere, same as smoking a cigarette, so expect the entire movie to be about MONEY, ALCOHOL,SEX,DRUGS, and MADNESS! so if you are not really like movies with so much of this I don’t think you will ever gonna enjoy it! it was good, I can give 3 stars for that! 😀😀 not genius for me but it was okay so for me to be completely motivated to be rich I need to do the fucking, and drugs while working!! sure is really motivating ah! 


11 Awfully fascinating behavior of drunk people.

  • Throw up anywhere, like under a table, on a couch, toilet seat, toilet floor, kitchen sink, and most especially on the bed.😝😝
  •  Be extremely friendly and nice, create a conversation with people you don’t normally make conversation with when you are sober, and make them your best buddy.  “Friends forever”                                                                                                                        
  • (On the contrary to the second one) Be extremely violent, anger management went terribly wrong, to the point when paranoia has activated, that if you catch someone looking at you, will definitely start a big FIGHT!💣🔫🔪
  •  Sitting on a toilet to pee will sometimes take you forever, because suddenly you started dreaming, because you have fallen asleep.😴😴😴😴
  •  Kiss people you will definitely not kiss when you are not under the influence of alcohol. I SWEAR!!😽😽😽
  • Tell everyone your deepest, darkest and gross secret, and feel sorry the next morning, and regret for even drinking that much.🍻🍻 Cheers!! 
  •  Tendency to lose all you possess before you even start to get drunk. Examples are: (Cash, cell phone, make-up kit, entire purse or sometimes bag, wrist-watch, dentures, virginity, dignity and honor) hahahha!
  • Become overwhelmingly emotional, as in painfully emotional, started crying over a Gangnam style song. 😿😿👯👯
  • Update Facebook status, rant on your Facebook wall stating how bad and awful this person is, while your subject is sitting right next to you, amazing right?🐔🐔
  • Pee everywhere as long as it’s necessary, or your bladder will curse you. 
  • Become amazingly strong, you feel like alcohol has given you a special power, then end up passing out after few minutes. 

Sarcasmic Mood.

Stress is just a symptom of the main issue The EGO, so if you feel overwhelmingly stressed, check how much EGO has inflated in you , grab a needle and deflate it, believe me it will burst..(wtf??!!)


11/22/63 and 842 pages of boredom.

I’m not a fan of Mr. King’s novel; as a matter of fact this is the first time I bought a book of him, and it will be my last. It was really interesting though at first, who will not be intrigued with Mr. Kennedy’s assassination? I am so much thrilled to start reading a book about it, so yes I got curious with the title 11/22/63 and some Mr. Kennedy’s last photos on the front page, and most, it has a lot of good reviews and ratings, people like me who loves to read books will definitely be interested to read such a story, but after reading 80+ pages I have noticed the flow of the story doesn’t seem to be inviting at all, the pacing became extremely slow, it’s like I’m not turning the page anymore, so I checked the pages I want to know how many pages do I need to suffer myself with, lo and behold it ends on page 842!!! Okay, I guess the boredom will wear out after I read at least 100+ pages of the book, sure thing it will be interesting, I’m still hopeful, but the hope was gone when I realized I’m already on page 400+ and nothing seem to happen, there are many irrelevant things that shouldn’t be there in the first place, I thought I’m following a straight curve, but I realized it goes in circle that it hasn’t led me even a bit to the right direction of the story, so my boredom came to the utmost and decided not to proceed anymore, the torture needs to be stopped so I did not finish the book. My brain could not process a story that has much fillers than I expected to be less, because when you talk about Kennedy’s assassination and changing the course of the history sure you will expect a large quantity of pages but not these non-sense, I felt so bad wasted my time and even regret allowing myself to be tortured like this…