11 Awfully fascinating behavior of drunk people.

  • Throw up anywhere, like under a table, on a couch, toilet seat, toilet floor, kitchen sink, and most especially on the bed.😝😝
  •  Be extremely friendly and nice, create a conversation with people you don’t normally make conversation with when you are sober, and make them your best buddy.  “Friends forever”                                                                                                                        
  • (On the contrary to the second one) Be extremely violent, anger management went terribly wrong, to the point when paranoia has activated, that if you catch someone looking at you, will definitely start a big FIGHT!💣🔫🔪
  •  Sitting on a toilet to pee will sometimes take you forever, because suddenly you started dreaming, because you have fallen asleep.😴😴😴😴
  •  Kiss people you will definitely not kiss when you are not under the influence of alcohol. I SWEAR!!😽😽😽
  • Tell everyone your deepest, darkest and gross secret, and feel sorry the next morning, and regret for even drinking that much.🍻🍻 Cheers!! 
  •  Tendency to lose all you possess before you even start to get drunk. Examples are: (Cash, cell phone, make-up kit, entire purse or sometimes bag, wrist-watch, dentures, virginity, dignity and honor) hahahha!
  • Become overwhelmingly emotional, as in painfully emotional, started crying over a Gangnam style song. 😿😿👯👯
  • Update Facebook status, rant on your Facebook wall stating how bad and awful this person is, while your subject is sitting right next to you, amazing right?🐔🐔
  • Pee everywhere as long as it’s necessary, or your bladder will curse you. 
  • Become amazingly strong, you feel like alcohol has given you a special power, then end up passing out after few minutes. 

Sarcasmic Mood.

Stress is just a symptom of the main issue The EGO, so if you feel overwhelmingly stressed, check how much EGO has inflated in you , grab a needle and deflate it, believe me it will burst..(wtf??!!)


11/22/63 and 842 pages of boredom.

I’m not a fan of Mr. King’s novel; as a matter of fact this is the first time I bought a book of him, and it will be my last. It was really interesting though at first, who will not be intrigued with Mr. Kennedy’s assassination? I am so much thrilled to start reading a book about it, so yes I got curious with the title 11/22/63 and some Mr. Kennedy’s last photos on the front page, and most, it has a lot of good reviews and ratings, people like me who loves to read books will definitely be interested to read such a story, but after reading 80+ pages I have noticed the flow of the story doesn’t seem to be inviting at all, the pacing became extremely slow, it’s like I’m not turning the page anymore, so I checked the pages I want to know how many pages do I need to suffer myself with, lo and behold it ends on page 842!!! Okay, I guess the boredom will wear out after I read at least 100+ pages of the book, sure thing it will be interesting, I’m still hopeful, but the hope was gone when I realized I’m already on page 400+ and nothing seem to happen, there are many irrelevant things that shouldn’t be there in the first place, I thought I’m following a straight curve, but I realized it goes in circle that it hasn’t led me even a bit to the right direction of the story, so my boredom came to the utmost and decided not to proceed anymore, the torture needs to be stopped so I did not finish the book. My brain could not process a story that has much fillers than I expected to be less, because when you talk about Kennedy’s assassination and changing the course of the history sure you will expect a large quantity of pages but not these non-sense, I felt so bad wasted my time and even regret allowing myself to be tortured like this…

Why things not happening according to plan?

There are many situations in life we will encounter failure, plans have been made for years and turned out to be the exact opposite of what we want to happen, whatever it is in other words its not the way you planned from the beginning. It happens to me, it made me really upset and felt like there is nothing I can do, I sometimes feel helpless and useless, the lesser I feel motivated, the less resolution I can think of, by the way it didn’t help, so since the universe is against my plan I was able to find a way to look at things in a different perspective. Maybe it is not really against me after all; maybe it is only teaching me a lesson in a hard way.

When I was kid I think big of my future, if you have big dreams it means you really have ambitions, if you have ambition you will do good and strive hard to get it. I thought life after college was easy, I realized, it was not, after I finished my studies and got my degree I felt like I was thrown in the pacific ocean without any life jacket, without a boat, the only thing I have is the ability to swim, (yeah swim away till you get to your island of dreams). You know how hard it is, if you are not a good swimmer most probably you’ll drown. Well, I’m not a good swimmer, at least at first until I learn to float without struggling too hard with the current. 

I have avoided conflicts in life, not to be eaten by shark or be swallowed by a whale, sometimes you can’t help to compare your situation to others, (“how come that bastard was able to get to that island with less effort than I do”), only to realize they have speedboat and I don’t have…. :P :P (that sucks believe me), number one rule never compare yourself to others; maybe the universe has different plans for you, it is for you to figure it out.

We have to accept that there are things we cannot control; but at least we have something we can, that is ourselves, our thoughts and emotions towards the fact. don’t force things from happening, it might get worse, you might not achieve true happiness if you do, when life doesn’t go according to plan maybe because it is not yet time for you to have it, not meant for you to take or because you are in a wrong direction in achieving it.

Whatever it is learn to make adjustments in life, and appreciate the things that are already in front of you, open your eyes to a possibility, you cannot stay with plan A forever, you must learn that there is always plan B and a plan C.
Regardless of how many plans it takes you to fulfill a dream as long you are not losing hope that should continue your life the way it should.

You might be well equipped in achieving your goals in life,
But no matter how well you navigate your fate, if the wind is not letting you go in that direction then you must learn to submit, freewill was granted so that we can decide for ourselves, but your choices also depends on the option the universe is offering you, so that you will be in the right track… sometimes we pursue too hard to a dream that will only make us feel empty and bitter in the end.

Fear of not being able to get what we want is a factor that holds a person from moving to a right direction, we entertain pressure of society because we think people’s approval always matters the most, we worry a lot and think we are not good enough in meeting someone else’s expectations, all these are the obvious reasons why our mind is clouded and are unable to get the happiness that we are looking for, if we cannot find peace within ourselves, then happiness might be impossible to achieve, as you know peace is within you and me, it cannot be attain with all these outside blah that only your eyes can see.

When things seem not happening according to plan, you better check what is impeding the path, is it the wind that is making you shift in a different course, or fears that is haunting you to even grasp your future.

The bottom line here is we all make plans for our future reality to be happy, but plans are just plan, if you can make one, then you can make another or more than that, being successful requires you to have better plan, willingness to change perspectives, determination to act on that plan to make it real, but you must learn how to submit and let it guide you to a life that you deserve.

Eessangj :)

Is your character a result of your choice or is your choice a result of your character

We are all unique individuals, we all do, and each of us has our own characteristics, although characters can influence the way we make choices in life, but most of our choices determine our characters in the end. Characters developed by the time we were able to speak, understand, and respond in our environment, it can be influenced by how we were raised by our parents, it can also affect us based on our beliefs, religion, and ethnicities. So if these things listed can influence or affect our decision making that does mean it will be the result of our characters? I believe it works both ways. :P

Everyday we encounter and face many choices, from simple to complex, from choosing what food to eat, what clothes to wear, if you will go to work or not, if you will lie or tell the truth, if you will ride a bus or a cab, if you will smash someone’s face on a desk because you just had a bad day; but of course smashing someone’s face is not always and good option but given under any circumstances it is still a choice :P

Why we are given all these many choices every day? Do we really need to choose? Given all those choices is part or everyday’s life, there isn’t any scientific explanation for that, it is just a simple logic, as long as you breathe and continue living this option will be by your side every single second of every day. And yes, we will make a decision as long as we live to choose is simply like breathing air it is necessary, not to choose is also a choice so it is a complete absolute. There is no such as a thing as NO CHOICE, because there is always a CHOICE only dead person cannot make a decision.

Wise decision making sometimes depends on our views in life, that part alone plays a big role, while it greatly influenced our behavior in making such options; it sometimes outlines the obvious outcome of our choices.

Some people may think most of their decisions are right, if you are a self-righteous person you might think that way, but let us not forget our choices always have outcomes, we don’t know what’s inside the box until we open the lid. Like when a person gets hurt or offended by a friend’s mistake or shortcomings, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, as long as you know forgiveness is the best option then you will forgive that person, although you know forgiving might take time to take place but it will come eventually if you choose to.

The conflict is if a person has developed pride in his/her heart that will need a lot of time to work out, if s/he has an attitude like this; I’m a better person, I’m kind, I don’t deserve to be treated like this, making no room for forgiveness will be a better choice.

We all make mistakes no one is perfect when it comes to choosing rough edges and aggressiveness most of us sometimes don’t think things through, offending someone became the result of that stupidity, if we are not cautious or if we are selfish things like that happens. You see how our characters affect our decision making, but choosing to correct the mistake we made is always available for us to take.

When we disregard options of opening our mind to a great possibility, we will not be able to see the whole picture, being blind limits our function as a human, being hurt is not an optional feeling, no one wants to be offended, and as a recipient of that bad behavior of a person we tend to harbor anger in our heart, no one is exempted not to feel pain, in time wounds will heal, it should, if we choose to be healed, remember a wound can be infected if we let it, to let things from happening is a choice, so if this infection gets worst then we might not be able to heal our wounded spirit, making an excuse not to forgive is a product of pride that has consumed one’s spirit and without even knowing it we became a new person, now the person that was once meek and amiable has become history of who you are, because now you chose to welcome yourself to the world of pride and bitter society. It is indeed depending on the situation, depending how hard a person was violated by another individual, but we must learn that ones chosen action can lead to another man’s reaction, choosing an action towards a situation determines who we are.

Character represent each of us, it is who we are, it is what we are, but what makes us real human is our choices, a choice may be a dead end or the continuation of our journey in life. A choice that is hard because it is undetermined and a choice that is easy because the result is visible to see. Always remember wrong and right decision are both available to be picked by anyone, each of them has outcome that awaits us, even an option that seems to be wrong at first can be right in the end. So regardless how bright or smart you are, everyone can make wrong choices your response towards the outcome will become the result of your character.
From the beginning the power of freewill has shaped our destiny, the past has became history and freedom to choose is in our hands to correct the errors of our behavior to avoid bad situation from happening again; few of our choices may be overruled by our characteristics, but it doesn’t mean that all person that has a weak personalities will only have a weak decisions for the rest of their lives, while strong person will only have better option without making any mistakes. Whatever you are or whoever you are you can make wrong choices, but you can still make it right if you want to, if you fail you can still be a winner, becoming miserable base on the outcome of your wrong choices won’t help, but if you stay that way it is because you make it happen. :) :) :)