 What so strange about Stranger Things Season 2?

This is the continuation of season 1 obviously, of course who doesn’t want to know what happened to eleven? Is she really dead? And what was the slimy worm like will has vomited in the sink when season 1 has ended? So those were the questions we need some answers, aside from the fact we have grown addicted to this movie big time. There are some new faces we want to learn their characters, what are their roles in the series, and how will they be contributing in this series to its essence.

I finished the whole season for a day, I cannot seem to see any reason why I won’t, anyways creator of this series knows how to make their audiences engaged in their seats so that’s how I made it finish it for a day. Anyways, these kids are growing up real fast, eleven used to look like a 10 yr old runaway and now she really looked like a teenager that needs some rebond and now in-love with Mike Wheelers, how sweet.

If I will be comparing how I felt for this series from the first season of course it’s really different, aside from the fact I wasn’t really surprise that Eleven is living with the Chief it seems everything else is very predictable in Season 2, I know that Bob character will not last that long in this season, I just don’t know how will they’ll be able to get rid of him before the season ends, first of all his character isn’t that strong to begin with, he is unlikely boyfriend of Joyce Byers, of course we want someone better for her, someone like the Chief, but when everything seems to be fine with his character and that we already know how smart he is, they just killed him as simple as killing Barb. Well they can’t kill a kid they don’t want to give you heartache and started hating this Series so instead they kill the easiest one we can forget,I realized that already.

Chief was inside Demigorgons Den only nearly died, and they were able to rescue him on time, we can’t kill the Chief NO!!! He is one of the Leads, and of course Billy how annoying he is but when you see how weak he is with his father you know where the rage is coming from, it comes to a term to understand his behavior, but his character will not end yet I guess, because I swear he is hunk he is cute and I like him. It won’t be a surprise to see him in the next Season.


Sarcasm of Wisdom

It doesn’t matter how much you say you don’t care, what matters is you care about not caring about me, So better stop putting some effort on it, cause it makes my day.

Stranger Things

Genre: Sci-fi, drama, suspense.

Created by: The Duffer Brothers

No, I’m not promoting This Netflix Superb Series, but yes, it is SUPERB!!! I just wanted to post something about how fantastic this mini series is to me, I’m not a Sci-Fi fan to begin with, but the thrill and how interesting each episode made me engage in my seat to finish all 8 episodes in one day.

It was set during the early 80’s in a fictional town in Indiana, where there is a Laboratory performing a scientific research for the US department Energy, and while doing so they also experimenting human subjects, such as people born with strange powers, maybe to use them as a weapon in replacement for soldiers, I’m not pretty sure though, just guessing.

When I read the plot I thought this series is all about alien abduction or whatever. A young boy vanishes into thin air, maybe there is a serial killer who likes to kill young boys. But why not give it a try? so I watched it lol.

The opening began with 4 boys playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of Mike’s house, one of the lead casts in the series, and then his mother asked him to finish the game because it’s late at night, there you go three boys went home on their bicycle, they split and the other disappeared. why? how? and what is that who took him? so that is where your curiosity begin to mold in your head, and next thing you’ll know the series has ended begging to have second season immediately!! like please I want more…

Second Season will be aired in the fall, don’t want to expect much from it, but I hope I will feel the same feeling of excitement when I watched the first season, I hate never ending redundancies of plot, it will not go anywhere, 8 Episodes is enough or maybe less, more than that will lose the element of thrill.

I’m saying Goodbye to an agonizing year of letting go, and to a Friend I considered The Best.

A year ago I made a terrible mistake, yes; terrible is the right term to use in that sentence since that is how I made a person felt when I did it. It wasn’t my intention to make it that way, I only needed some space, you know when your head is polluted with all the things that occupies your brain, making you feel uncomfortable to deal with reality, it’s just hard to handle situation when it is out of control.

I just find it hard to understand why it all ended the way it ended, maybe I know why, only I cannot accept the complexity I have endured in our friendship.

I’m writing this, not to celebrate one year of losing a friend, but to state my case that I am closing the door of my past, including the friendship I have with him.

But wherever he may be I know he is fine, I’m saying Goodbye because I felt, I only have a bit of memory left from our friendship, it won’t be long I might not remember us anymore, I might forget his face, his remarkable name, his smile and the names we call each other. how strange it is to know we started being strangers and we will end on the same level once again.

I never thought I’ll be missing a person so much like this, that it felt something in me has died.
I can’t compare him to any of them because he showed me a different friendship, my life with him was so exceptional, but I’m sorry for turning my back, I’m sorry to make him feel so betrayed when I left, I was so stupid to leave when he needed me the most.

Thanks for the memories, I know it has all etched in my heart, I may forget everything; but one day I will be reminded with the pain and the happiness I had when we’re both convinced our friendship has its strong foundation, I hope I will be reminded, but that’s just a hope, at least in that way I will be able to enjoy our happy moments together and our bitter ending.

They say we cannot forget, but when you move away you can only remember few of the things you left behind, until you cannot recall it any longer, or it has no meaning to you anymore to even remind you of it.

We cannot hang on to the past that long, we need to let go of our grudges and our pain including our memories together, life should continue with or without our friendship, it was a nice experience I learned a lot from him, when I thought I will never have a Best Friend he showed me it was possible.

I’m glad I met a friend like him, I will not regret the day our friendship has started, my only regret is, I did not tell him how blessed I am to have him as My Best Friend, even only for a short period of time.

The Babadook

Written and Directed by: Jennifer Kent
It started out Amelia was dreaming of a car accident that has killed her husband 6 years ago, but of course you will not know until it gets 20 to 30 minutes of the story, but you will notice at the beginning she is not that loving kind of mother to her 6 year old son, she looks bored and distant which is not normal for a single parent. Samuel her son is seriously making weapons, dangerous weapon as his toy to play with, and loves to play as a magician. I don’t find it as a Horror film, because it doesn’t terrify me at all, No, Babadook did not terrify me, nor scare the shit out of me, despite of his sinister facade, what makes me stay focus on this movie is how the book landed in his son’s shelves, and what it is he wants from them? only to find out that Babadook is the monster she created with her grief by losing her husband from the accident while she is in labor with her son Samuel.

As the movie progress Amelia deteriorates even more, losing her mind because she is having a hard time sleeping because her son seems to be suffering from insomnia because he keeps on seeing Babadook and blaming the dook dook of his violent behavior, while she is losing control of her grief plaguing her mind imagining things and making it look like it is real, we can all blame it to the evil pop up book The Babadook but that Book only represent what’s in her mind, her son always tells her “I want to protect you”, I will protect you”,” I don’t want you to die”, and that Babadook is real it becomes real because she let it in.

The writer has focused more on the details of the story, she find it impossible to love her son because she blames him with her husband’s death, she wanted her back, she even imagined her husband being alive in the basement only to ask her to give him the boy in exchange to her happiness to come back to life, and that gave the twist of the story, she may feel distant to her son but she is not out of her mind at all to do it, not just yet. whats more engaging about this movie is, it is more of smart psychological thriller making you ask more questions about the ability of ones mind to cope with the depression one person is experiencing in his/her life, and how to overcome the grief and loss.

oink oink

It has all the elements I needed in a modern philosophical book, smart, thought-provoking and puzzling, it will make you think more than you expect, until you find new meaning to a situation you might encounter in your life. I read this back in 2008, but I every time I see this in my shelf, it excites me to read it again.